Brendon is a coach here at Squat Club, with a great desire to see his clients progress and succeed with their health and fitness goals. Brendon has been within the industry for 5+ years now and has built a passion within the areas of improving body composition whether it's fat loss or building muscle and strength training.

Brendon is here to help his clients achieve their very best transformation while providing the necessary education to maximise their long term results both inside and outside of the gym. Brendon has always placed an emphasis on his continued education by becoming a Sports Nutritionist through Sports Nutrition Australia, completing the Mac Nutrition Uni Course, Certificate 3/4 & Diploma of fitness. Within his own journey he has been able to compete in multiple natural men's fitness competitions with the ICN Federation & also competed in multiple powerlifting meets.


Brendon always aims to create a fulfilling and enjoyable journey throughout the process coupled with his passion to provide the highest quality results for his clients.


1 I was a dancer before entering the fitness industry as a personal trainer.

2 An extra strong coffee is a must for me.

3 I love training Jiu-Jitsu outside of my journey in the gym setting.



"It was a wonderful experience to be coached by Brendon.. and thank you so much for all your help in achieving my goal of competing within Men’s Fitness. Working with Brendon has taught me to have a ‘Never give up’ attitude, be disciplined, new approaches to my diet/training and to always stay positive."