How much are your joining fees?
We have never and will never charge a joining fee...ever!

Can you train when the classes are not on?
Our classes have only been recently added to give even more value to every member! You can train whenever you like! We are open 7 days per week. The earliest we open is 4am and the latest we close is 9pm!

Do you have contracts?
We have a 6 month and a 12 month option on our base memberships.

Do you offer trials?
We offer a 4 week trial once a year, it just ended!!

How do your memberships work?
Everyone who trains at SC holds an SC membership that gives you access to train, join our free classes, participate in our educational seminars and workshops, and be a part of our monthly social community events!
We then have additional coaching if it’s something you require - 1:1 coaching, 2:1 coaching, online coaching, small group coaching! All offer additional support including programming for other days which gets revised and adjusted as necessary, nutritional coaching, guidance, check ins, nutritional and cardio adjustments, online tools to help with progression and accountability.

Are there more men or women at Squat Club?
We have more gals than dudes. No bro’s.

Do you have casual passes?
We have worked extremely hard to build and grow our community so they feel safe and comfortable training in their home, so unfortunately we don’t offer casual passes!

I’m brand new to training would it be suitable for me?
Definitely! The SC environment is supportive and non intimidating which keeps you positive and consistent with your training. Our coaches are all extremely knowledgeable and educated. This would definitely suit you.

I’ve had bad experiences at my previous gyms and now I find them intimidating, yours looks so different.
Thanks! It was always our plan to design, build and open a gym that’s personal and you don’t feel like a number, a place that is educational and gives a tonne of value with quality, without any intimidation! 👌🏼

I’ve been following you guys on IG for a long time and interested in joining. I want to lose 8kg, what do you recommend I should start with?
Like all fitness questions, it depends! There’s no one size fits all approach. I’d suggest we plan a consultation to find out more about you, to determine what would be the best and most suitable approach for you!



Mon 5am-9pm

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Fri  5am-7:30pm

Sat: 6:30am-4pm

Sun: 7am-1pm

(Public  holidays vary - check our social media page)


1/41 Dunn Road

Smeaton Grange

NSW, 2567

(Right next to Camden Valley Way)

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02 9188 5151

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