Joel is a strength coach at Squat Club. He believes in making fitness both enjoyable and exciting to ensure you reach your fitness goals.

As a recent graduate of his bachelor in health and sports exercise science, he is qualified as an exercise scientist. Next, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in exercise physiology to work in a clinic helping clients recover from injuries.

To provide a rewarding experience for his clients, Joel recognises how intimidating it can be to seek out help, thus he strives to create a comfortable environment for them to do so.


1 I have been a competitive cheerleader and coach for over 6+ years. (Yes I can do a back-summersault!)


2 Before pursing my fitness career, I was a qualified baker and pastry chef.


3 I was a member at Squat Club for 2 years prior to becoming a Squat Club coach.



“Training with Joel is always incredibly fun and motivating as his fun and uplifting persona is always a pleasure to be around.

He is a motivating trainer who always pushes you to your full capability and never allows you slack off! He always takes the time to make sure everyone has full knowledge of the class and how the exercises should be performed which is always extremely helpful. Overall, training with Joel is always a pleasure!”