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For any new mother, feeling like they did before pregnancy is important. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as just doing a bootcamp, or a few sit ups and planks and bingo, we are back! There is a lot to consider for post partum workouts and if not addressed correctly, can negatively affect you.


Through our carefully structured and programmed training, our aim is to first and foremost ensure you are performing and feeling better in the new and improved body of yours!

We understand training with the kids can be tough which is why we have scheduled mid morning sessions for mums. Squat Club provides an enclosed child minding facility with adult supervison at all times, in full view of the gym to ensure safety of your children while you focus on YOU!

Aside from training to improve your quality of life, getting back to pre-baby weight, improving confidence, weightloss goals, strength goals and fitness goals,  our training will ensure we also focus on:

Improving the Diastasis Recti (separation of the rectus abdominal muscles which occurs during pregnancy),

Retraining the breath, the abdominals and pelvic floor.




✓    3 small group sessions per week

✓    Coached by our educated strength coaches

✓    Baby sitter for each session.

✓    Squat Club membership with all our members benefits



UNBEATABLE $30.45pw!

These spots are extremely HIGH in value and do sell out fast, there are only limited spots are available for these positons to keep coaching quality high.


We would love to make you a strong yummy, mummy! 

Join our family today! *Post Natal only*


MONDAY 10:30-11:00AM

TUESDAY 10.30-11.30AM

THURSDAY 10:30-11:30AM



Mon 5am-9pm

Tue 5am-9pm

Wed 5am-9pm 

Thur 5am-9pm

Fri  5am-7:30pm

Sat: 6:30am-4pm

Sun: 7am-1pm

(Public  holidays vary - check our social media page)


1/41 Dunn Road

Smeaton Grange

NSW, 2567

(Right next to Camden Valley Way)

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02 9188 5151

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