online coaching

So maybe personal training or small group training isn't for you. You may have lifted for many years, but you are still chasing progress, and we all know stepping into a gym with no plan is not a good idea at all! 

Over the years we have integrated online programming and coaching for clients all over the world. 

Through our online service, you will follow a customized program created and designed around you, for your strength levels, your goals and your lifestyle.

We program your workouts around your current strength levels in 4 week blocks. If you don't know your current personal best lifts, that’s cool, because we can work that out together. 

Nutritional coaching is also included in our online service. Coaching you on how nutrition works towards your goals via email and videos. 


Your specific nutritional guidelines will be set based on your goals and other personal details. Weekly check-ins, consistency tools and nutritional adjustments are also included to help you along the way.


We would love to help you along your journey!

  • Squat Club Membership

  • Nutritional recommendations & guidelines

  • Training recommendations & guidelines

  • Cardio & supplement recommendations

  • Fortnightly check ins & accountability

  • Unlimited support & communications

  • Ongoing optimisation & adjustments

  • Consistency tools

  • Private online folder