Exercise Physiologist
Strength Coach

Tell us about yourself Luke.

Actually, health and fitness has always been a big part of my life. I have sporting background in both soccer and athletics. I'm a firm believer in 'practice what you preach' and I thoroughly enjoy strength type training as well as finding new places to adventure within my spare time!

My passion for sport and fitness has resulted in further increasing my knowledge through completing a bachelor of sport and exercise science to enable myself to educate and empower my clients to live a fulfilling healthy life. 


How can you help your clients? What's your style of coaching like?

Through years of research and experience, I’ve managed to help over 100 different people achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.


What's my coaching style like? Well, I've always used evidence based research, as I am strong disbeliever in fad and crash diets. With the experience of my own training and working with many different clients, I understand that one style of training does not suit everyone! So I am always looking to find the best approach to suit each individual’s needs to get them the results they want.



What do you specialise in Luke?


  • Strength Training

  • Muscle Hypertrophy and Fat Loss

  • Football Specific Training

  • Boxing


So what can you offer to your clients?

Well if you're looking for a structured training program that is personalised to your needs and backed by evidence based research, then look no further!  Just as the same importance to your structured program is the enjoyment and passion for fitness incorporated into each session while accomplishing all of your desired goals.

My overall aim for my clients is to move them away from seeing exercise as a chore, and instead, something they enjoy and look forward to with the goal of improving health and making training sustainable for all aspects of daily life!



How can we contact you Luke?

You can find me through: Facebook & Instagram 

 Tell us a little bit about yourself Ash.

Well, I first started out in the gym when I was 16 and I was told I was too skinny! I had a lengthy footballing career behind me. I realised when I set foot in the gym that my passion was actually in fitness. I pursued a career in the fitness industry a few years later.

I started out in a large commercial gym in the city, until I realised how much more of an impact I could give and more lives I could help in our local community. I moved my business to my home for 2 years transforming my garage into a fully functional personal training studio while slowly building Squat Club where my team and I could change more lives to the people of Camden.


So what's your training style like with your clients? 

My training style for my clients is largely based around strength training, education and quality of coaching. It’s one thing just getting to your results, but having the ability to know HOW to get to your results at the same time, is another! For me, if I can get you your result’s, teach you how to get them, when to change things and how to effectively and progressively train where you will not need me or any other trainer anymore in the future, I’ve done my job!


What do you specialise in Ash?

  • Physique development

  • Increasing lean muscle mass

  • Strength training

  • Nutritional coaching


What can you offer to your clients?

I am an educator, I educate my clients and help them understand how nutrition works, how to improve your training progressively, how to achieve your results in a sustainable manner. My coaching style has a very fine eye for quality of technique.

If you want to get to a destination, I’ll show you the map and show you exactly how to turn at every single point until you get there in a sustainable, manageable, effective way that you can maintain.


What makes you a different coach?

I see myself more than just a coach but a friend also. I’m not a coach that you have to hide things away from, I’m the coach that would probably join you, but show you a way how to incorporate that as well as get to your results. My training IS hard, but I don’t punish and I don’t kill. I push you in a structured and progressive manner that will help you avoid plateaus and improve overtime.


And how can we contact you?

You can click the links > Instagram


Strength Coach

Tell us a little bit about yourself Lenka.

My fitness journey started three years ago. I’d always had problems with my weight and it seemed like no matter what I did I just couldn’t shift it! I tried so many weight loss programs and exercise regimes but nothing seemed to work the way I wanted! 

After meeting Ash and having him as my coach, I finally started to see a difference, he taught me exactly what I needed to be doing and the right way to train. Overtime I fell in love with powerlifting which is now the main aspect of my training. 


Why did you start Personal Training?

I realised how exercising changed my life, both physically and mentally. I also realised that I wanted to help others so they could feel the same passion for a healthy and happy life. 


What can you offer to your clients?

I want to help people not just look good but feel good on the inside. To give them confidence in order to achieve their goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain strength or simply to just keep healthy!


And how can we contact you Lenka?

You can click the links > Facebook  and Instagram




Gym Manager & Coach
Strength Coach

Tell us a little bit about yourself Abbey.

I’ve been in the industry for over 10years. I love health and fitness as I believe it carries over and improves into all areas of life and it should be a priority no matter what. I love staying fit and health and always try new sports and activities to challenge my body and learn new things. Fitness and health brings people together and improves lives.  For me I love travelling, being active and keeping fit and healthy as it enables me to have the confidence to try things and be involved.  As we get older we stop moving and our bodies become limited and restricted so it’s important to continue to use your body. 


So what's your training style like with your clients? 

Fun, challenge and realistic. 


What do you specialise in?

Older adults, pain free movement, injury strength and overall health and fitness. Functional training and lifestyle change. 


What can you offer to your clients?

Individualised coaching, improved quality of life, health and wellness. Lifestyle change so that health and fitness becomes part of your every day life. Education around movement and lifestyle so your quality of life as you get older is improved. Just like a house building a strong foundation is imperative. 


What makes you a different coach?

I take a holistic approach to training and coach to the client I’m working with. There is no cookie cutter approach. 



Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My passion for health and fitness has always been a big part of my life. From a young age, I have always been very active and found the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

As soon as I finished school I went to uni and studied a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. As well as working in a conventional gym at reception and coaching gymnastics at a recreational and competitive level. My love for the industry grew and a Bachelor just wasn’t enough. So I went back to uni and did a Master of Exercise Physiology. During this time I worked at a strength and conditioning gym, running classes and writing programs for individuals and groups. The knowledge and experience I have learnt over the past 8 years, since my fitness journey started, has given me the ability to put it all to practice within my own training, and the ability to educate others with an evidence based approach. 


So what’s your training style like with your clients?

Through years of evidence based research and experience with many individuals both “healthy” and “clinical” my training style is based around having a high quality service and being able to support my clients in achieving SMART goals. This is done by providing education to create a level of independence and competence within the client, guidance as a means of support and motivation and a structured and progressive individualised training approach to ensure my clients are achieving their goals and remaining consistent. 


What’s important to you as a coach?

I recognise consistency and hard work and I value the importance of safe and effective training, so, ensuring my clients have learned the foundation of a movement and are able to control the movement is a priority followed by loading the movement. 


What can you offer to your clients?

There is no better feeling than knowing I have the power to make a positive change in someone’s life both physically and mentally. The gym can be a daunting place for some but my bubbly self can bring a fun, energetic and comfortable place for you to feel good!







Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Like many other females I first started training because I wanted to ‘tone’. I did endless hours of cardio and I hated every second. I eventually reached out to a personal trainer which was the best decision I ever made! He showed me how to train in a way that was effective and that I loved - strength training. Now training is the best part of my day and I love the life I’ve built around it. 


Why did you start Personal Training?

I’ve always wanted to be able to help others. I know how it feels to be putting in work only to not make any progress. My purpose as a trainer is to help educate others so they can learn to love training and living a healthy lifestyle! 


What do you specialise in?

  • Strength training 

  • Increasing lean muscle mass 

  • Boxing 


What can you offer to your clients?

I can offer coaching that’s enjoyable and also effective. This is what’s going to make your progress in and outside of the gym sustainable! 


What makes you a different coach?

I’m not just a coach, I’m also a friend. I genuinely care for all of my clients and I love watching them progress not only in the gym but in other aspects of their lives. I love having fun and building relationships with my clients in and outside of the gym. 

Tell us a little about yourself and why did you start personal training?

I began my fitness journey a few years ago with the simplistic goal of putting on size / muscle. 

Shortly after entering the gym and obtaining results, I became fascinated with the body and how it can be developed. 

This fascination drove me to further my knowledge and understanding of the key principles surrounding exercise and nutrition through self directed research.

This interest is what ultimately lead me into coaching, where my passion now lies in guiding clients into living a healthy lifestyle and helping them achieve their goals 


What do you specialise in?

-Body recomposition 

-Hypertrophy training 

-Strength training 


What can you offer your clients?

I can offer my clients an individualised approach to lifestyle and training that is based on education and research. This means guiding clients into building a lifestyle around healthy habits that are sustainable, and training that is challenging and fun. 

What makes you a different coach?

I don’t just want to be a coach, I want to be a friend and a mentor by helping to motivate and educate my clients with the tools to improve their life both within the gym and in everyday life. 






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