Over my years of experience in the gym, I've watched a lot of people plateau, train through the motions, not gain the size or even strength they wanted.

A big factor to this is not having a structured training program focusing on progressive overload as the main stimulus. 

If you want to gain lean muscle mass, you need to progress in the volume you lift. 

If you want to gain strength, you simply need to progress with the load on the bar.

We could go into the studies of muscular adaptations but we'll save that for another time! 

Head Coach Ash Huggett and Elite Strength Coach Luke Beezem have collaborated together to strategically build Squat Club's Powerbuilding Program. Combining Powerlifting and bodybuilding together. 

Increase your size, strength, lean muscle mass and improve your technique, and knowledge around your training and nutrition to break through your plateaus. 

Through our corrective and high quality coaching, we are looking for SIX males to participate in our ONLY Powerbuilding program commencing Monday 27th February.


Starting -  Monday 27th February

When - Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5pm

Package - 3 small group training sessions PLUS 2 day training program per week, Nutritional Coaching, Fortnightly check ins and adjustments, Squat Club membership, free access to Saturday Shredder & Mobility Friday's.

Cost - $76.95pw

How to book - Tap on your app store below to download the app. Head to memberships and hit Male Powerbuilding Group.

Elite Strength Coach - Luke Beezem
Head Coach - Ash Huggett

6 spots only


  • Squat Club Membership

  • 3 x small group Powerbuilding sessions

  • Evidence based training & nutritional coaching

  • 2 day training program linked to your smart phone

  • Nutritional, cardio & supplement recommendations

  • Macronutrient targets

  • Fortnightly check ins

  • Access to Saturday Shredder & Mobility Friday's

  • Private online folder