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"I’ve only been at Squat Club a few weeks but its the best gym I’ve been to yet (and I’ve been to a few.) The trainers are friendly and attentive.

I really needed a gym that focused on form over volume; the trainers consistently correct my form and push me when required.

I have the option to do challenging classes or use a proper gym floor with all the equipment to follow a diverse program.

It’s refreshing to be at a gym with great service, and culture."

Kerry Fredericks


I have been attending Squat Club since October 2021.


The vibe, classes, trainers are AMAZING! I have felt so comfortable since attending. Health wise I am feeling so much better ! I LOVE the classes and how the trainer explains everything and guides you through movements and checks your form!


I also love that I can train myself with the great variety of gym equipment :)

Ash has done such a wonderful job of creating Squat Club as this really is a one of a kind gym! I highly recommend and I am so happy I joined!

Mel Garrick


I have been at Squat Club now for 9 months and I LOVE IT!!

The community and the vibe at the gym is the best, you can find a great variety of classes and great coaches!

Ash has helped me with my technique, something that I need since I had previous injuries from training and he knows when you need that little push and he truly has helped me a lot with my progress. I have now lost 12kg!

It's hard to find a gym where you feel comfortable, especially when you are new in the area. No judgments or feeling intimidated. All The Squat Club Staff and members are super friendly and helpful, I'm extremely happy to have found the Squat Club community.

Maria Sosa


I most certainly was not the type of person who thought I would ever attend a gym, but my daughter encouraged me to join a 8 week challenge at Squat Club where she already attended.

Much to my surprise I was welcomed and made to feel as a part of their 'family' from the very first day. So much so after the initial 8 weeks (which saw me get back on track especially in the nutrition department), I decided to stay!


The staff at Squat club are so helpful, kind and encourage to achieve your personal goals.

Squat Club has a great atmosphere! I would highly recommend giving it a go!!

Robyn Harris

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