Part 1 - How to build your own training program - The most optimal way to train

July 13, 2016


Over the years of researching articles and actual application with my squad, I've always found it far more beneficial applying full body training for the general population, over body part splits.

Covering all major bodyparts, multiple times per week, instead of covering just one muscle group, once per week.

The more frequently you train a muscle, the more it improves.

If you were in a do or die situation where you had to improve your peach or even your chest, would you train it once per week in your typical body part split? 




Train it more frequently, covering that and the rest of your body?

Train it once?
Or train it 2 or more times per week?

Of course you would opt for the higher frequency!
Full body training gives you the biggest bang for your buck and it's also extremely time effective.

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