Part 3 - How to build your own training program - What type of goal do I set

July 13, 2016


Yeah, we'd all like to lose a few kilos (which will happen when we eat in a calorie deficit), but we also need goals a little more specific.
- Stronger
- More shape/muscle
- Fitter/more endurance

I believe a great program for the general population should include ALL of these goals. 

For that reason your training should incorporate
- High intensity, low reps to build power (1-3 reps);
- High intensity with moderate/low reps to help increase strength (4-5 reps);
- Moderate intensity, moderate reps to help with building muscle. (6-20 reps);
- Moderate/low intensity, moderate/high reps to help increase endurance(Supersets/dropsets/15-30 reps).

Think of it like this:
1 - The more power you build, the heavier you can lift.
2 - The heavier you can lift, the stronger you become.
3 - The stronger you become, the more volume you can lift. 
4 - The more volume you continue to lift (progressively), will help build shape and help avoid plateauing.

See how it all ties together?

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