Scale weight, does it matter!?

Scale weight shouldn't be the only tool you use to measure progress.

You see, if you're weight training, (which you should be if your goal is to drop body fat), in most cases, you're going to put on some lean mass.

Putting on lean mass means an increase in weight. Eating in a caloric deficit to reduce body fat, reduces weight. See where I'm going with this...?

We want to keep that lean mass! The newer you are to weight training, the easier it is to build it.

So, if you're up or down a kilo or two, but you look kick ass, are stronger, fitter, faster, more confident, and happier, does it really matter what a number says?!

I'm all for tracking progress, hell, EVERY SINGLE DETAIL is measured and tracked for my squad, but one stand alone number means sweet F.A!

Want to track progress? Do this once a week - on the same day, at the same time, on an empty stomach, after you've been to the toilet and you're standing butt naked!

- Jump on the scales and record your morning weight. - track your body circumferences; Waist; Hips; Thighs; Arms; In the exact same spots everytime. If your weight hasn't moved, but you lost a cm or so, that's fat loss progress!

- Photos, same conditions, Same outfit, same location, same time, good lighting (preferably daylight), no shadows everytime.

- Clothes, see how they fit, because they will start getting baggier and baggier!

- Friends comments, friends don't see you as often as you see yourself, they will probably notice before you do!

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