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For someone new to strength training or thinking about starting, it can feel inspiring and intimidating at the same time. But remember, everyone is a beginner at some point! For me everything started 3 years ago, when I was introduced to Ash. I had been struggling with my weight for years. I tried so many weight loss programs and exercise regimes, but nothing seemed to work the way I wanted it to! I tried bootcamps, running groups and a number of group classes in a couple of different gyms. I had a low carb diet, I tried the lemon detox diet and multiple fat loss drinks, but nothing worked. I was working in a cafe at the time, and everyday day the Fitness First trainers would come in and I would serve them for their daily coffee. It took me couple of months to finally gain the courage and ask for help. One day I finally did! This was my first step to success, I can't be more thankful for that!

When I had my first consultation with Ash and he told me about the kind of training he does and about flexible dieting, I didn't really believe that it would work but I told myself, ‘I have to try it, even if it’s only for a few weeks!’ Initially, I only planned to train with him for 6-8 weeks. 2 years later I was still with Ash and training smarter than ever with great results both physically and mentally. I will never forget the first time I entered the gym. Wow! I felt SO intimidated and SO self conscious!! The only thing that went through my head was ‘what if I can't do what he asks me to?!’ ‘What are others thinking when they see me attempt to do things?!’ But the minute we started the session, my negative thoughts disappeared and everything changed.

I wasn't scared anymore. Ash was very patient and explained exactly what exercises we would be doing, the correct form for each exercise and also why he chose that exercise for me. I still remember our first session, we did squats and deadlifts. It definitely wasn't easy, there were so many things to think about and learn, but I already knew I'd love it. And how could I forget the feeling that my legs were like a jelly! I couldn't walk down the stairs (that part hasn't really changed, I'm still getting that sore!), but I was so proud of myself that I could squat 20kg and I deadlifted 30kg! I was training only twice a week with Ash for the first few weeks, and when I started to feel confident enough to go and train by myself, I asked Ash to create a program with an additional 2 days for me. After first 8 -10 weeks I started to see changes on my body. And that's when I became totally addicted! The knowledge Ash was passing on to me was unbelievable and I just couldn't get enough of it! I was getting leaner and stronger at the same time. Getting stronger was the part I was loving the most. It's such an amazing feeling for a female to be able to lift heavy weights. After the first six months I became someone completely different. Exercise changed my life both physically and mentally. I’d lost over 15cm around my waist and 7kg on the scale. And for the first time in my life I was finally confident enough to wear a short skirt! Health and fitness became my lifestyle. All I was thinking about all day was my training that afternoon. I couldn't wait to finish work and go to the gym. Personal trainers and floor staff at the gym became my family and I used to spend around 4 hours a day with them, I even ate my lunch with them! It was a place I was the happiest. My friends and customers at work started asking me for advice as they saw the progress I had made. It was at this time I first started to think about changing my career to help others embark on their journey as I did. I wanted to help others change their life like Ash changed mine.

Devastation hit when Ash told me he was leaving Fitness First! It wasn't that I didn't feel ready to do online coaching, Ash was more than just a personal trainer, he was my mentor, educator and life coach! So I decided to continue training with him and travel on a bus, then a train, then a bus all the way from Pyrmont to Spring Farm, which took me around an hour and half each way, twice a week. In 2016 I finally started my PT course and couldn't wait to become a coach! About the same time Ash decided to open Squat Club and offered me the opportunity to be part of his team. I couldn't be happier!

Well.. I was actually happy and scared at the same time. I really wanted to help others, but I was also so scared that I wouldn’t be good enough and I didn't want to disappoint Ash. I also had to move from the City, where all my friends lived, out to Camden where I didn't know anyone and that was scary too. As it turns out it was one of the best decision I've made in my life! I still remember how nervous I was before coaching my first group session. I couldn't even sleep the night before. But when I started everything was so smooth and I enjoyed every second of the session! The nerves didn't stop there, I felt even more nervous before my first personal training session. I was thinking what if she won't like it, what if we will have nothing to talk about, what if she won't want to keep coming back?! But again, it was an amazing experience. The session went brilliantly, she absolutely loved the training and the best part is, she is still my client today! 8 months in and I feel like I'm still loving it as much as the day I started, maybe even more! I've established a great foundation of clients and amazing network of friends and I get to enjoy their successes as if they were my own! For me the pivotal point of success is watching the mental shift in my clients. So many people join the gym purely to lose weight. But with good education, motivation and consistency I watch the mental shift where their objectives change to longer term objectives, and a healthier holistic approach and that is when they really start kicking goals.

Coach Lenka.



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