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6 Stress Management Techniques You Need In Your Life

We can all be affected by stress. But some are affected in ways that others aren't.

Have you ever heard of the people that thrive under stressful situations?

Have you heard of the people that eat when they're feeling stressed?

Have you heard of the people that feel so overwhelmed in stressful situations?

We all deal with stress differently but using some of the strategies I have identified below can be effective for stress management and in some cases avoid situations that stress can arise.

1 - Diaphragmatic breathing

One of my go-to's over the last 12 months, Breathe in for 4secs, hold for 4secs, breathe out for 4secs. Repeat this for 1-2mins.

Try spending just 60seconds focusing on your breath. Use this at any time, at work at your desk, when the kids are testing you or when you are just about to go to sleep.

2 - Get outside and go for a walk

At times, all we need is some fresh air and some time to not think about the situation that is causing us stress, or this could also give us time to find a resolution. Taking in the rustling from the trees, the birds chirping or the waves crashing can reduce stress and put your mind at ease.

3 - Listen to music

At times, we need to remove ourselves from the stressful state and do what brings us joy. Music. Put your earpods in and jam out!

4 - Walk away from the situation

removing yourself from the situation can be good for you. Step outside or into another room and close the door. This tool is great for people with kids and an annoying spouse! :P

5 - Be organised

It's a simple one but effective. If we are more organised with our lives, studies, jobs or daily tasks we can foresee any issues with time on our side. This leads to number 6..

6 - Ask for help

Make sure to ask for help. Too many times people find themselves in hot water without speaking out. Try not to do everything yourself, ask for support from your partner, your close circle of friends and family. These are the ones who genuinely care for you and do not want to see you suffer from stress.

The next time you're feeling overwhelmed give one of these a go.

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