How to climb out of your training slump

Sometimes we go through training slumps and we aren't as excited as we first were when we started out with our initial goal, we may feel lost with what we want to achieve in the gym.

Because of this, our training may not feel as effective, we're not as consistent as we were before, it's harder for us to motivate ourselves to get to the gym and we may be looking for any excuse under the sun to not go!

But you know what, that's okay! These feelings you experiencing are NORMAL.

Here you will learn how to identify what is triggering you to feel like this and 3 simple things you can do to get you back to hitting goals and loving your training again!

1. The What Next factor

Goals are like mountains, they can be difficult to accomplish, they can take a lot of work and consistency, but once you're at the top, it's an incredible feeling! The sense of accomplishment after a hard journey that you endured day in, day out, is something you should be proud of. But what next?

The 'what next' can sometimes be the trigger to us falling down that mountain that took us so long to get to..

In my career, I've seen it many, many times. Someone has worked so hard to achieve their goal but then slips down the mountain. There are several reasons for this, complacency, no clarity of what to do next, no direction, are just to name a few.

This leading to inconsistency > lack of progressing workouts which leads to > lack of enjoyment > lack of focus and > lower motivation!

Perhaps you didn't have a goal to fall down the mountain from, perhaps it's the direction of which mountain you're wanting to accomplish in the first place.

If you don't have a particular goal, I would suggest finding something that excites you to accomplish.

(You can find more about setting goals here)

2. The Accountability factor

Everyone needs to be accountable to someone. It keeps us on track, it keeps us in check, it helps with our consistency because we don't want to let that person we are accountable to, down.

Sporting athletes have a coach to keep them accountable.

Children have teachers that keep them accountable.

You may have a manager or a boss to keep you accountable.

Some people have a gym selfie to post to keep them accountable. ;-)

And coaches can keep you accountable in the gym.

Accountability is one of the biggest factors as to why an individual does not reach a certain goal. I've seen it so many times and I can usually pick who will reach goals and who will not by seeing their accountability.

I'm a coach, and I have my own online coach that's interstate and he keeps me accountable! Every Friday, I must check in with him, if not, my training will not be updated for the following week. Accountability!

We all need accountability.

If this sounds like you, I recommend looking for someone to help you with that.

3. A Change Factor

Sometimes, priorities shift, time is more restricted and things begin to be harder than they used to.

Perhaps you have been following a resistance program for many months or even years and have now found that the feeling this style of training once gave you, does not give you that any longer.

Or maybe, you don't have the time to follow a training program for 60-90mins 3-4 times per week. This then sets unrealistic measures which we cannot achieve. Preventing us to train, train consistently, train progressively and train effectively. Not good!!

Please understand you are normal, this can be normal and is very common!

A change factor can help pick up your training, get you out of your slump and back up that mountain.

Group classes are beginning to be more and more popular by the day. They are short, sharp, effective workouts (At Squat Club they are 50 minutes max!)

You don't need to think because you have the accountability of your coach and peers around you.

Because they are on set times, you are also accountable for the time that the class is set. Ensuring you will turn up on time.

Your coach will ensure you are training hard and effectively (Definitely our SC coaches do!) and you have a set time the class will be finished. Ensuring you are home in time for what makes you happy outside of the gym! Reasons like this are why Squat Club Black has been so successful in helping people hit goals and love training again!

I've outlined 3 factors that can help push you out of your training slump, if this sounds like you, I advise you to try one, two or all three of these options to help you get back to achieving goals and get you loving training again!



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