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How to get the same results with less time in the gym

As we get older, our priorities as men start to shift. Careers, children, partners all become major priorities in our lives.

It's funny to think back when we were younger, our priorities may have been different. 'What were the plans for the weekend ahead with the boys', 'who was your favourite team playing this week'

and 'what were you planning to train at the gym'.

The things that we had time for, become less relevant or not as high on the food chain as they once appeared.

We start to prioritise time. How can we maximise/balance all of the things we would like to do with the time we need to share out?

I, myself have seen those things shift from when I was younger.

These days, the gym needs to work for me as quickly and as effectively as possible so I can manage the more important things in my life.

Below you'll find some effective ways to maximise the time in the gym so you can still get the result you're after in a shorter training session!

Rest Intervals

In most cases, rest intervals should be long enough to where you feel fully recovered for the next set. This means you aren't huffing and puffing and struggling to catch your breath. This is typically around 1-2 minutes for smaller movements and 2-3 minutes for bigger movements.

To save workout time, I recommend introducing antagonist supersetting which means training opposing muscles back to back.

This approach will save a tonne of time. See below for the example.

1. Shoulder Press movement

2. 30s rest

3. Back rowing movement

4. 30s rest

5. Shoulder Press movement

6. 30s rest

7. Back rowing movement

and so on..

Effective ways to set your training up could look like this:

Series A

  1. Lower body Squat movement 5-8 reps

  2. 30s rest

  3. Upper body Push movement 5-8 reps

  4. 60-90s rest

  5. Repeat x 3 for each movement.

Series B

  1. Lower body Hinge movement 10-15 reps

  2. 30s rest

  3. Upper body Pull movement 10-15 reps

  4. 30-60s rest

  5. Repeat x 3 for each movement.

Series C

  1. Lower body Push movement 15-20 reps

  2. 30s rest

  3. Upper body Push/Pull movement 15-20 reps

  4. 30-60s rest

  5. Repeat x 3 for each movement.

Repeat this 2-3 times per week with different exercises.

This session would generally take 30-45mins maximising your time in the gym with supersets sessions like this and prioritising bigger movements. You would get the most bang for your buck in an effective time period.

Giving you more time to do the things you prioritise most while still getting it done!

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