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The 5 tips you need to get the MOST out of your training

Over the years as a personal trainer, I have seen numerous strategies amongst gym goers to get an exercise done. On many occasions, this won’t lead to the outcomes you desire and only gets you suboptimal results.

If you are spending time in the gym, why not make it as efficient and effective as possible ?

Picking up a weight, lifting it and hoping for the best will only get you so far. So here are the tips you need to take your training to the next level:

1- Ensure you are lifting with adequate technique.

This involves lifting with a full range of motion and limiting excessive momentum from other body parts during lifts. For example during a bicep curl, limit any swaying from the torso and ensure the elbow can extend and flex fully.

2- Increase intensity and progress overtime.

Many individuals will stay on the same weight for the same movements which can stall progress. While it may feel like it’s challenging enough or you are just unsure what you can lift, continuing to push yourself will give you the stimulus you need. Remember, keeping the technique once the load and intensity has increased is key!

3- Don’t underestimate yourself (This ties into the above point).

People feel they are lifting enough weight however, they are quite surprised when they are pushed or try the next weight up. Test the waters at times and take your sets to failure to see how many reps you have in the tank at a given load.

4- Don’t change things too quickly.

Sticking to a plan with similar exercises is a great way to see if you are making progress. Changing things up will only mean you have to learn the new exercises and master technique before you get to adding load. Majority of the time individuals will change the exercise once they feel they understand it, however this is the time to add load/intensity!

5- Pick exercises that provide stability.

The fancy exercises that look cool on one leg don’t always give you the stimulus you need. Exercises that are supported are a great tool. These exercises include leg press, chest press machine, seated rows etc

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