The secret sauce to building the body you desire

What does it take to build the body of YOUR dreams? Endless hours in the gym? Committing 100% to #gymlife? No days off?

Those things could help but they won't last long... What if there was a way to work for what you want, without killing yourself in the gym, day-in-day-out and instead, embracing the days AWAY from the gym?

The very first step is creating a goal with certain keys.

Creating SMART goals that will ensure you are staying on track (you can read more about creating SMART goals here).

Once you have created Specific goals within a certain timeframe we can then work out how many days we should be in the gym.

The timetable strategy.

You wouldn't climb Mount Everest if you have never had any climbing experience!
You wouldn't run a marathon if you hardly run in the first place!
Yet, many people upon starting their fitness journey elect to train 5-7 days per week when they currently don't train.

Tools that can help us with our success are consistency, scheduling and prioritising.

To incorporate those three tools I recommend using the timetable strategy.

Create a timetable of your week, this should include, what time you wake up, what time you go to work, what time you come home, and what time you go to bed. List your other commitments into your weekly timetable that is important to you and your life.

We then want to see where we can commit 100% to exercise. If you currently are not training, I suggest 3 days per week is a good place to start. If you currently train 1-2 days per week, see if you can increase that to 3-4 days per week.

The goal is to create a schedule that suits YOU and one that you can commit to!

If you aim for 5 days per week and that seems like a stretch, in our experience, there's a very high chance that will be very hard to sustain as the weeks continue.

This then creates inconsistent habits and tends to push individuals away from their goals, creating a bigger wedge as the week's go on.

Instead, start with what you can commit to every single week. Once you have built a routine and made that your habit, see if you can then increase your training frequency by one more day.

You will be amazed at what kind of progress you can make by increasing your training.

On the days you aren't scheduled to train, try scheduling in a walk with your partner and increase your daily activity.

These are habits that you are creating and habits are the foundation to our client success here at Squat Club.

It's now time to create your weekly timetable.



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