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Why is dietary protein so important?

Most of us, even myself, have only considered the importance of protein for building muscle. However, this macronutrient is essential for our ongoing health outside of the gym.

Protein is made up of amino acids. Other than being used for energy, amino acids are required for countless bodily functions such as:

  • Building and repairing muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons

  • Integral for our skin, hair, nails, organs, and blood

  • Synthesis of body proteins

  • Hormone and enzyme production

So what sources of protein should you consider?

An important consideration for protein consumption is the 9 essential amino acids that need to be consumed through food sources.

Animal protein sources – naturally have a complete protein profile, containing all amino acids.

Plant sources of protein – contain a mixture of essential amino acids, and can be paired to form a complete protein - e.g. beans and grains for a complete protein (baked beans on toast)

Consider the quality of protein sources and include a variety of these sources each day. Consuming these complete protein sources will benefit your health greatly.

If you need any guidance with your protein consumption or nutrition, speak to our Nutrition Coaches at Squat Club, who will be able to assist you personally!

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