Why is the scale lying to you!?

Do you feel like you have been doing everything right but the number went in the opposite direction of what you were hoping overnight?

Did you weigh 1-2kg heavier today?

Are you feeling a bit agitated about the scale this morning?

Well, this article should help just that!

Tracking bodyweight is a super helpful and useful tool for analyzing progress. But the issue is, most people use it the wrong way...

They'll see their weight day to day (or just once a week) and think that the single figure they see at their feet is all that matters.

That 1-2kg fluctuation you see has nothing to do with body fat.

Maybe it happened to you?

You weighed yourself this morning and saw a 1-2kg spike from the previous day and think it's pure fat.. FFS!?#


That's not what happened at all! The 1-2kg you see has nothing to do with fat.

It's water that you're holding onto (for many different reasons) as well as the food that's more than likely still in your system that has not been used as energy or been deposited yet! Our body fluctuates daily and is a normal thing and not something we can control.

A few things that you can do:

Stick to your plan!

From now on, when you weigh yourself:

1 - Take your weight FIRST thing in the morning AFTER going to the bathroom and BEFORE you eat or drink anything.

2 - Write down the data somewhere easy for you to track.

3 - Use it to see how your AVERAGE weight changes from a week-to-week or month-to-month basis.

If you don't want to weigh yourself that's fine. But if it's because you're scared to see the number or you may get emotionally attached to what it will say every day, that's a problem.

Remember - The scale does not define YOU.
Actions define you, not a number ok? :)

I have attached some data from one of my client's progress for you to see visually.

The first image shows her daily weight fluctuations going up and down daily.

The second image shows the data of her weekly AVERAGE weight which trended downwards in a hovering fashion.

We as educated coaches here at SC use multiple tools to analyse a client's progress, and do not use just scale weigh alone. I urge you to also do the following.

Ways to track your progress:

1 - More consistent with your nutrition.
2 - More consistent with your training.
3 - Your clothes are fitting nicer or are looser.
4 - You have lost cm's at the same bodyweight.
5 - You are hovering/fluctuating in a lower weight bracket over time.
6 - You can see small changes in the mirror.
7 - You are stronger with your workouts.
8 - You have more energy than you did before.
9 - Your daily movement is easier than before.
10 - Your confidence has increased.