Welcome to Squat Club Connect 

We understand that staying fit and healthy is a priority in your life and we want to ensure that with everything going on in the world, that Squat Club is here for you and won’t be going anywhere.

Because you can't make it to Squat Club then let Squat Club come to you!

A digital service we have created for you to still train and follow our workouts and classes as well as learn from our seminars and Q&A streams all online. We now have 20 classes and workouts every week, guided by our amazing team of coaches. These classes and workouts will be stored in our cloud for you to view and join at your own convenient time for upto 24 hours afterwards!

Since Squat Club was born, our brand was built on value, education and passion. These core values will NEVER change and as we introduce a new innovative way to provide you education, health and exercise, we have ensured these core values are still what drives us.

As the world and our nation has had many businesses close, you can no longer train at any gym. We have built this service for our members but due to popular demand from people OUTSIDE of Squat Club, we now have SC Connect Memberships (online only) with ZERO CONTRACT PERIODS

$16.95 PER WEEK

Cancel anytime and there will be no more future payments. Simple!



Mon 5am-9pm

Tue 5am-9pm

Wed 5am-9pm 

Thur 5am-9pm

Fri  5am-7:30pm

Sat: 6am-4pm

Sun: 7am-1pm

(Public  holidays vary - check our social media page)


1/41 Dunn Road

Smeaton Grange

NSW, 2567

(Right next to Camden Valley Way)

support @ squatclub.com.au

02 9188 5151

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