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STRONG by Ash is a 12 week online and semi-private training program designed by Head Coach and owner of Squat Club, Ash Huggett. Ash has helped 1000's of females during his 10 years of coaching.

Learn the methods that has taken so many females to transforming their bodies and reaching beyond their goals.



STRONG by Ash is catered for those females who are unsure of what to do in the gym, females wanting to take their training to the next level, who are wanting results, wanting to get strong and females who are wanting to improve their physique and to build their glutes!


These workouts contain the methods that has taken years to aquire to help women achieve the results and the body that they are after! STRONG by Ash is a highly effective program to maximise female aesthetics, build curves, increase and build strength and improve body composition.

For 12 weeks, you will receive a new online training program every 3-4 weeks.

These programs will have a large glute focus but will also work your upper body to ensure you build the physique you want to achieve. 

Each month there will be a group training session coached by Ash which will help you with your program.

Check ins, adjustments and nutritional coaching & guidance will also be received.


Each training phase you will receive access to new coaching videos, detailing all exercises to help you perform and understand these moves which will progress your training with Ash's methods.

 These videos are locked and are for STRONG by Ash members only.




You will receive the exaxt tools built by Ash which he and his coaches use, these have proven to deliver body composition and amazing transformations for 1000's of clients. These tools will help you understand how nutrition works for you, and how to progress appropriately with your training so you achieve the results that you want to build.


x $24.95PW


strong by ash

female physique guide

An educational guide teaching you the methods by behind Ash's coaching and how to get the physique you will work so hard for.


Monthly group training session to ensure you are progressing, improving your form and training effectively in order to maximise your results. Learn Ash's methods from his direct coaching sessions.


Member of Small Group Strength Squad

Being a trained dancer, I had never done any kind of real PT training before, let alone being trusting enough of someone else with my fitness and physique. And despite feeling so intimated and out of my depth initially, Ash’s extensive knowledge and support, has really helped ease my worry and ensured that I understand the training every step of the way. What I love most is that I am learning as much as I am training, which is so important in ensuring the trust is there between client and trainer.

I am feeling stronger and more capable than I ever thought possible, and my dancing is better because of it.


Member of Small Group Strength Squad

I have been training with Ash for a couple of months and have loved it. I have tried lots of different types of training and find this type to be the most enjoyable. It’s challenging in so many different ways, not only do you feel stronger, you feel better and you learn a lot. Ash is great at teaching you correct technique and then helping you to continue to refine it and build strength. He also has a really relaxed and honest approach, which makes him easy to work with!


Member of Small Group Strength Squad

I have been doing Ash’s program for about 6 months. Ash has helped me with every aspect of my health. He has written an exercise program for me, based on my specific goals, which has 4 strength sessions per week which I do at my local gym. These change every 5-6 weeks so that my training is always fresh for my mind and body. If I’m unsure of anything there are lots of videos online to explain tricky exercises. Ash set my nutritional macros for each day and helped me to learn how to stick to them while keeping a flexible lifestyle. This has been the biggest help for me to make progress towards my goal of losing fat and gaining muscle. Previously I was eating barely any protein and didn’t even know!! Ash checks in online with me to keep me on track and answer my questions. There is a fortnightly check in to keep me accountable and see my progress. The best part of this online program for me is the Facebook group. All the girls on here are doing the program no question is too silly to ask! 


Member of Small Group Strength Squad

Small group training with Ash has been amazing. I joined the group after it had already been running for a few months and Ash has made sure that I have caught up to the other girls with technique and muscle endurance. Ash understands what we are after as females and delivers the results we work for. After every workout I always feel a sense of accomplishment. Ash pushes you every week to be better than the next but also makes training really fun!